Antique vintage 1920s Mallinsons labeled silk velvet burnout leaf print motif YARDAGE art deco rare fabric 9 yards

$ 250.00

LAYAWAY AVAILABLE ON ALL ITEMS. DM ME IF INTERESTED. INCREDIBLE beautiful and rare original vintage 1920s yardage

MALLINSON'S FABRICS DE LUXE stamped on the selvedge

burn out silk velvet with an intricate art deco leaf pattern in the design

This yardage is mint with no shattering fading , holes or other vintage issues. It's so special ! Stored properly and perfectly.

3 yards X aprrox 42

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Founded in 1900 and renamed H.R. Mallinson & Company in 1915, the company's goal was to challenge the supremacy of European textiles. Though the United States manufactured silk textiles, consumers in the early twentieth-century preferred the more prestigious, and more expensive, imported French silks. By focusing on creative, appealing designs, H.R. Mallinson & Company attracted consumers, helped establish the legitimacy of American-designed textile patterns, and became one of the most well-known textile manufacturers of the early twentieth-century. In 1928, Vogue described the improved quality of American textile patterns: "our own manufacturers have caught up with their clamorous market, and the best of the domestic prints can compete with the blended tonal effects, the subtle use of unexpected colours that characterize those that have come over from Paris."1 An image of an H.R. Mallinson & Company fabric of red and yellow cherries printed on a black silk ground was used to illustrate the article.