20s HUNGARIAN silk embroidered sage green peasant DRESS w/ Fortuny pleated skirt 1920s antique vintage tlc

$ 219.00


WONDERFUL embroidered Twenties peasant dress with B Altman New York label. Hungarian style with dramatic sleeves, hassle ties and Fortuny-inspired pleated skirt. Smocked waist. What a beauty ! Collectors, inspiration, conservators. Please read below...

PLEASE READ : This dress is in need of repair / conservation. There are some splits in the silk , mainly on the sleeves and under one arm. It is not gone yet, and I feel with the proper skilled collector can be brought back. I do not feel this is silk rot, rather it is localized tearing. Otherwise those pleats would be split at the creases and they are not. Skirt is strong. Eagle eyed observers will notice the length, I do believe it was shortened at some point. Dress is sold AS IS. No returns.

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