About Us

RItual Vintage is located in downtown New York City at 377 Broome St.  Ritual specializes and in pre 1950's clothing for men and women and unusual designer pieces from the 1960's to the present.  We have been outfitting the downtown set since 2006.  Open 7 days a week from 12 - 8 pm, please visit us in person if you are in town. 

NOTE :  IF YOU WISH TO TRY AN ITEM FROM THE SITE IN PERSON AT THE SHOP , YOU MUST CONTACT US 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE TO HAVE THE ITEM PULLED FROM THE ARCHIVE.  Our stock rotates and not all items are available on the sales floor at all times.  Call 212 966 4142 or email info@ritualvintage.com for requests.  

Ritual maintains a large archive and is a favorite destination of many film and television productions.  We take appointments 7 days a week and will source material for your project, be it one piece or 500. Many fashion houses look to Ritual for design inspiration. Let us do a pull for you ! 

Instagram: @ritualvintage


PRESS : Stacy Iannacone , Owner 

P: 212 966 4142

E: info@ritualvintage.com